Cosmic Quandary is a puzzle game
It's the second game that I've ever officially published
The game is similar to the 8 Queens Chess puzzle
Adjust each wizard's position until all pieces are out of danger from one another
I used a variety of tools and applications to create Cosmic Quandary
Corona SDK
Node JS
Adobe Animate
Adobe Photoshop
Apple Motion
Create JS
I created all of the art and assets for the game
Character illustrations were created using Adobe Animate
Backgrounds and other sprites were created using Adobe Photoshop and Blender3D
I created a website that allows you to play the game in the browser
The server runs an instance of the game and uses it to generate puzzles
Try the game out in your browser!
I built another game called Kung-Fu Clash
Instead of having puzzles, this game is an action beat-em' up
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