I like to create games in my free time
Most of my games have been built with Lua and Corona SDK, but I have also frequently used HTML Canvas
Kung-Fu Clash is a fast-paced action game
The game was featured by .NET Magazine and on the CoronaSDK blog
Cosmic Quandary is a puzzle game with similarites to chess.
The game is able to generate a nearly infinite number of puzzles
SYSOP is a prototype for a terminal hacking game
This uses THREE.js and HTML Canvas to create an interactive terminal
Ninjas VS Robots is a finger-slashing action game
This game had bullet-time mechanics and sprites with destructible pieces
Tumble Mouse is a casual maze game
Simply rotate the device help guide the mouse to the finish line
Xenohex is a music and rhythm game
Rapidly match patterns and the music and visuals become more intense
Project RU is a space battle game that uses programmed bots
Code the smartest bot and take on challengers in one-on-one battles
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