Hi There!

I'm Hugo Bonacci and this is my personal website.

I'm just your typical, Photoshopping, code-slinging, computer geek. I've been writing code since my parents bought my first Commodore 64 and programming book.

I managed a video game arcade for several years, wrote code and marketing materials at a bank for seven years and now work as a consultant.

I like to work with quite a few different languages and technologies but mostly I use .NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Node, Angular, and JavaScript to pay the bills. Looks forward to the day that JavaScript runs the entire world (a guy can dream, right?)

Graphic designer on the side doing user interfaces, logos and 8-bit art -- because who doesn't like to see themselves as a blocky cartoon character?

I also work hard to convert my daughters into geeks. Legos, Kodu, Minecraft, Snap-Circuits -- whatever it takes!

And most importantly, I love my wife with everything I've got - None of this would be possible without her!