Cosmic Quandary

It's been a while, but I've finally gotten around to creating another game!

Cosmic Quandary shares a similar concept to the Eight Queens Chess puzzle. Your goal is to position each of the wizards on the board so that their spell paths do not hit each other or the furniture.

As you play you gain experience and unlock new wizards, features, challenges, and game modes.

Although the game does have credits and a goal, the puzzles are dynamically generated, so there's no actual end to how long you can play the game. It'll just keep making puzzles -- forever!

The game was developed using Corona SDK and it was written in Lua, just like with Kung-Fu Clash.

To improve the chances that this game is shared, I built an online version of the game using EaselJS (which uses Canvas) so it's easy to try the game without making too much of a committment. I was also able to add touch support so it works for mobile devices as well as desktop browsers.

I was also able to to take the existing code used to generate puzzles and then run it on the server. The game simply makes an AJAX call and gets back a brand new puzzle each time.

Developing The Game

It took quite a while to get this game done -- Between work, kids, and my new hobby (guitar) it was difficult to make time.

At this point I still plan to publish the game to a few more stores, most likely Nook, Kindle, and maybe a few more platforms. Since this game makes money from in-app purchases, I'll have finish writing code to support each store before it's ready to launch.

In any case, it's great to see another game down -- Looking forward to starting my next project!

March 15, 2015

Cosmic Quandary

A game of infinite cosmic puzzles!