JS1K and the 8-Bit RPG

Exciting news! 8-Bit RPG took 8th place in the JS1K contest!

I've been working on a little (seriously, little) script for this round of the JS1k competition. If you've never heard of it, JS1K works under a pretty simple set of rules...

Create the coolest thing you can in under 1K of JavaScript

Each round they give 'theme recommendations' but it's not required that you follow them. I ended up going a different route and created an 8-bit style RPG battle!

Unforunately, 1KB runs out really fast so this demo is view only.

I'm pretty happy with the results but I think I may give it another shot... if I can find the time...

February 23, 2012

JS1K and the 8-Bit RPG

A story about abusing JavaScript in the name of competition