jsshell 2.0 -- Yeah... already...

Last post I shared an extension I was working on for Chrome called jsshell -- The name is terrible since I found out it is also the name of a computer virus. I suspect many users would be confident to download and install it if they knew.

I'm not going to post the plug in tonight so I can test it a bit longer, but I wanted to share some of the new features. If you have some ideas then please share them with me. I've already added on new feature based on feedback I've heard (thanks Pierre).

Settings for jsshell

There are now settings for a handful of features. For example, using jsshell.color("dialog", "#f00"); will change your window to a new color. The settings will persist till the next time you open the page.

Additionally, there are settings for notification displays, auto execute timers and more. Nothing exciting but it is new. @html.smile()


I personally loathe the alert box. I think they should all be replaced with something like this...

Okay, well maybe not that... They are required at times. Even jsshell has one.

In any case, jsshell tries to create more pleasant notifications similar to the ones you see in other plugins like jGrowl. After a few seconds they will go away on their own. You can hover over the window to keep it from closing.

Custom/Auto Commands

One of the cooler things you'll have is the ability to write your own custom commands and then save them so you can execute them later. So for example you could write a command called mp3 and then execute it by entering !mp3 or jsshell.call("mp3"); into the editor and then executing it.

To take it a step further, you can define certain commands to run automatically on certain pages (which you define with a regular expression). So for example, in my herdingcode.com demo I could have my MP3 script run as soon as I reach the page.

I've found a few interesting uses already (for example, performing a login that spans across multiple pages)

And More... but not that much more...

This is some of the better features that have been added. I'll probably release the next version on Monday, but as for now tell me if this sounds like a good direction to go or if I ought to change my thought process.

January 7, 2010

jsshell 2.0 -- Yeah... already...

Details about the new release of jsshell.