Mobile Game: Kung-Fu Clash

The past four months I've been hard at work creating a mobile game. Its taken a lot of effort, but I've finally reached the point that I can announce Kung-Fu Clash.

I've had the goal to create my own video game since I was a young child. It's what got me interested in computers, drawing and design.

What Is Kung-Fu Clash

Kung-Fu Clash is a simple, one-finger mobile game where you fight against waves of Ninjas. The game has a variety of Ninja types, each with their own special abilities.

The game was written in Lua using Corona SDK. That said, Kung-Fu Clash is also cross platform, so it will be available for iOS, Android, Kindle Fire and the Nook.

It's worth mentioning that Mono is another fantastic choice for cross-platform, but after years upon years of C#, I just felt like learning something new.

Plus, being a bit of a dynamic language fan, Lua was refreshing change (though it's probably more quirky than JavaScript, IMO)

All of the artwork was done using Photoshop and Flash. Despite it's bad reputation on the web, it's a fantastic tool for creating vector art and simple 2D animations.

Backgrounds were created using a mix of Photoshop and Blender3D. I've previously tried using Blender for character design, but I've found that it's best if I stick with buildings.

Audio is a mix of stock music and sound effects and remixing done using Audacity. I've found that despite my best efforts, I'm not a musician.

Managing sprite sheets would have been impossible without Zwoptex. I highly recommend the application.

Lastly, a special thanks for my wife - I would have never had the time to finish this project if it weren't for her support.

Now the hard part… figuring out how/what to charge for it!

October 14, 2012

Mobile Game: Kung-Fu Clash

Achievement Unlocked: Childhood goal completed!