Ipsum For Images

I'm sure you've run across the following text before...

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Nullam leo neque, tristique at eleifend in, dapibus pretium massa. Fusce ut arcu sem. Pellentesque id enim enim. In ut ante id velit pretium convallis....

Normally, designers use dummy text as filler text for designs instead of large distracting blocks of "TEXT GOES HERE! TEXT GOES HERE!" repeated over and over. This way attention stays on the design and not on the text in the page.

Probably the most common type is Lorem Ipsum. With just a few clicks you have a page full of nice looking dummy text ready to drop into you project.

Well, as it turns out someone has created a similar service for images called lorempixum.com.

Lorempixum.com is simple and free to use. Simply create a url for the kind of image you need and you're ready to go! Below are a few examples of how it works.

Simple, huh?

I'm definitely looking forward to trying this out next time I'm working on a website design. The lorempixum.com team has done a great job!

April 8, 2011

Ipsum For Images

Need random images for your website designs? There's a site for that!