General Commands

CTRL+EnterRuns the script in the command window. If you have text that is selected, only the selected text will be evaluated.
CTRL+DeleteDeletes all text in the current shell window.
CTRL+?Searches the jQuery API help for the word currently under the cursor.
CTRL+Shift+MResets the current shell window without saving the command entered.
js.note(str)Displays a small popup window displaying the argument. Useful for showing notifications.

Writing Custom Commands

js.custom.edit("commandName")Shows the dialog to allow you to make changes to a custom command.
js.custom.remove("commandName")Removes a custom command from your settings.
js.custom.list()Displays a full list of all commands available in your settings file.

Changing Settings

js.setting("allowAuto", true|false)Turns on and off the ability for commands to run automatically when browsing to a web page.
js.setting("autoDelay", milliseconds)The time to wait before attempting to run a command automatically on a page.
js.setting("showHint", true|false)Turns on and off the 'intellisense' box with the page elements, classes and ids.
js.setting("displayNodes", true|false)Turns on and off is the 'Growl' style boxes can appear or not.
js.setting("autoShow", true|false)Turns on or off if the box should automatically appear at the bottom of every page (without clicking the jsshell icon)
js.setting("onlyTop", true|false)(experimental) Causes the editor window to only appear in the top frame and not any other sub frames.
js.color("dialog|editor|font", "#color")Changes a color setting for the jsshell window.

Data a complete list of all data currently saved for the browser."key", {object})Saves an object to the data container. Uses JSON.stringify so be careful what you save."key")Returns the object the data found in the container of the key provided."key", delegate(data) { })Edits the data found with the method provided. The method must return the data or nothing will be saved."key", delegate(data) { })Similar to the edit command, but just allows access to the data. Nothing will be saved regardless of what is returned.


!nostyleRemoves style information from the page like stylesheets, attributes and classes.
!flashAttempts to move the jsshell window over the top of Flash elements on the page.
!saveManually saves the settings for jsshell, but you shouldn’t ever need to call it.
!resetResets all information for jsshell and returns to the default settings.

Other"command")Invokes a built in command like nostyle or any custom commands you have created.
js.go("")Browses to the url provided in the command.
js.debug()Nothing special...